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Modern Architecture

Better Partnerships. Better Processes. Safer Spaces.

Commercial spaces must be secure, safe and code compliant. They must also take the complex physical, mental, and emotional needs of the end user into consideration — and meet many other requirements, while still being completed on time and within budget. The good news? Making it happen doesn’t have to be difficult.


Collaborating with an NCIDQ Certified interior designer from the beginning phases of a project gives you access to a different perspective, from a professional with highly specialized knowledge. Their expertise (which covers accessibility, environmental regulations, potential air quality concerns and more) helps you avoid costly errors and balance bandwidth — while creating safer spaces. Plus, brainstorming with skilled team members makes for more enjoyable workdays. As you begin your journey as an architect, look for opportunities to champion integrated partnerships and help shape a more collaborative future for your field.

 Collaboration Matters. Cooperation Matters. Public Safety Matters.

Yes, overlap exists between the practices of architecture and interior design. That doesn’t mean architects and interior designers should be at odds. Both professions work together to contribute to the protection of the public. Both professions require education, experience, and examination. Both professions deserve to be recognized and reasonably regulated.


Protectionism benefits no one. Collaboration benefits everyone.


Rise above the rhetoric and amplify your voice by becoming an advocate for reasonable regulation and integrated approaches to architecture and design projects on your social channels, on behalf of the design community around the country. By actively showing your support for better partnerships, you can play a role in shaping a more collaborative future, where architects and interior designers combine their expertise to create safer, more innovative public spaces.

Learn more about what defines an architect and an interior designer:


  • Ask your professors about the difference between the architecture and interior design professions.


  • Visit the CIDQ webpage to learn more about the interior design profession.


  • Ask a student in your school's interior design program about what they're learning.



Maximize your efforts by following these tips!


Utilize Hashtags: Using hashtags increases visibility and connects relevant conversations. We suggest posting with these hashtags: #BuildBetterTogether #AdvocateforCollaboration #ArchitectsandInteriorDesigners


Use Different Platforms: Post across various sites — like Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Instagram and even TikTok — to reach more people in your community!


Suggested Posts: Pair the suggested captions with the pre-made graphics below to instantly create engaging posts that highlight the need for a collaboration-focused future. 


  • I am an Architect. Collaborator. Innovator. I stand for integrated architect-interior designer partnerships.

  • Architects 🤝 Interior Designers: Creating safer spaces together.

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CIDQ Advocacy Action Center
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