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CEO's Message
Q1 Report from CIDQ CEO

2024 is a milestone year for CIDQ – it’s our 50th anniversary!

We have many things planned throughout the year to celebrate, as we connect our past with our future, so stay tuned.

The most exciting initiative focuses on our most important stakeholders – our active NCIDQ Certificate holders. Next month, CIDQ will begin offering digital badging. Simply put, a digital badge is a trusted, verifiable, modern form of recognition – a visual indicator of your hard-earned credential.

Digital badges are gaining significant traction in the credentialing industry because they are secure and verifiable, thus protecting the integrity of the credential. They also deliver significant added value to certificants because they can be easily shared via social networks, websites, digital resumes or email signatures. Benefits include:

Verified skills and expertise - Digital badges provide an easy path for employers, colleagues, and licensing boards to verify a holder’s credentials with a single click. They also convey all the underlying qualifications needed for earning the badge.

Differentiation in the job market - Badges help certificants differentiate themselves when looking for jobs by highlighting their validated skills and expertise in a technologically modern way.

Convenience - Badges offer a convenient way to digitally record, store and share your NCIDQ Certification achievement online.

I hope that all our active certificate holders will take advantage of this added benefit. Be on the lookout for an email in the next few weeks with information on how to accept your digital NCIDQ badge.

With a new strategic plan approved by the CIDQ Board in November following our annual meeting, the CIDQ headquarters team is hard at work in this new year, executing on plan initiatives.

Our spring scheduling window is open, and candidates are registering at a speedy clip to sit for the NCIDQ Exam in April.

We currently have 40 staff-led presentations (both virtual and in person) to prospective candidates scheduled in the first few months of the year. This is in addition to many other presentations being conducted by our volunteer NCIDQ Ambassadors. If you would like to schedule an NCIDQ Overview presentation to a group of students or emerging professionals in your firm, please reach out to Kayla Karpp.

Legislative sessions in many jurisdictions are in full swing. CIDQ continues its push for reasonable regulation of the interior design profession in support of public protection, working in coordination with our advocacy Consortium partners ASID and IIDA.

Best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous 2024.

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