An Ambassador for the NCIDQ Exam is a practitioner, educator, or advocate who is committed to promoting the value of the NCIDQ Exam and NCIDQ Certification.  Ambassadors are stellar examples and motivational role models of the industry's highly skilled professionals. Their advice is sought by new and seasoned designers alike. Their influence and insights help shape the profession.  Ambassadors are charged with remaining up to date on the latest news on the NCIDQ Exam and are on the front line of the industry to educate, mentor, and engage various audiences on the importance of the NCIDQ Certification.


Ambassadors represent the NCIDQ Exam, and, therefore, it is crucial for them to maintain the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism while serving in this role. CIDQ requires all Ambassadors to provide feedback on their engagements, as well as participating in an annual retraining to ensure they are up to date with the current information as it relates to the NCIDQ Exam.


Purpose of Ambassadors Program:

> Promote the value of the NCIDQ Exam and NCIDQ Certification.

> Mentor potential exam takers and guide them through the process.

> Engage a variety of audiences, especially students in their final year of a Bachelor's or Master's degree seeking interior design program, as well as recent graduates.

> Educate students, colleagues, employers, employees, clients, and the public at large on the importance of NCIDQ Certification.


Program Details:

> Volunteers will be accepted into the program twice each year - January and July. The next opportunity to become an Ambassador is July 2017.

> In order to become an Ambassador, individuals must annually complete an Ambassador agreement and a 30 minute online information session on the responsibilities and expectations of an Ambassador. Once those requirements have been met, individuals then receive access to the Ambassadors' online collaborative community, Q Link, where they can network with fellow Ambassadors, provide feedback on their experiences, share tips and tools on spreading the word about the NCIDQ Exam, and explore CIDQ's resources to help most effectively communicate the value of the NCIDQ Exam.


If you are a current Ambassador, be sure to complete our Ambassador Feedback Survey. Or have you recently requested an NCIDQ Exam Ambassador? We want to hear from you too! Complete our Organizer Feedback Survey so we can continue to improve our efforts to promote the value of the NCIDQ Exam and NCIDQ Certification. If you are interested in learning more about the Ambassadors Program, provide your contact information below to be included in our July 2017 training.






To find an Ambassador in your area, enter a city and state/province or a zip code into the search box below. Contact the Ambassador to work out the details for your event.  Once you have confirmed an Ambassador's attendance at your email, please contact us .  If you are unable to locate an Ambassador in your area or are having difficulty connecting with one, please contact Kimberly Woods at (202) 721-0226 or .