Certificate Renewal

Benefits of Maintaining an

'Active Status' NCIDQ Certification:

  • Use the NCIDQ appellation to display your professionalism, expertise, and commitment.

  • Be included on a list of searchable NCIDQ Certified Interior Designers, a public directory, available to prospective clients.

  • Have your verified information provided to any regulatory board you wish.


Your renewals enable CIDQ to:

  • Computerize the Practicum Exam, which allows us to offer it  throughout the months of April and October rather than just 2 days per year

  • Offer the NCIDQ Exam globally on an annual basis

  • Provide candidates with immediate preliminary scoring for the IDFX and IDPX exams rather than waiting 6-8 weeks for results

  • Create an online portal through which active certificate holders’ exam results, educational transcripts, and documented work experience are accessible to regulatory boards  

  • Complete a new Practice Analysis (survey of the profession), which ensures the NCIDQ Exam remains aligned with current practice

  • Participate in dialogues within and beyond the interior design and credentialing community that support licensure and the legal recognition of the profession for certification and model legislation, as well as the public’s benefit

  • Develop new tools and resources (like videos, infographics, and collateral material) that better explain the nature, value, and importance of the NCIDQ exam and the interior design profession


To request a name change in your MyNCIDQ Profile, please complete the Name Change Form and submit it with a copy of one valid government-issued identification showing your current full name. 

Using the NCIDQ Appellation

NCIDQ Certification is earned and must be "Active Status" to retain access to benefits and certification verification.

Examples of how to use the NCIDQ appellation:

John Smith, ARIDO, IDC, NCIDQ