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Find Active NCIDQ Certified Interior Designers

Ensure you engage a highly trained, highly qualified professional for your interior design project: hire an NCIDQ Certified interior designer.


Use the best specialists to save time and money, plus reduce liability and apprehension. So seek out an interior designer with knowledge, experience and credentials similar to those you expect from an architect, engineer or any other building professional on your team.


NCIDQ Certified interior designers have distinguished themselves by demonstrating a specific set of core interior design competencies, supported by verified work experience and a college degree. They have proven their knowledge of current standards established to protect public health, safety and welfare, as well as mastery of aesthetic considerations. They have earned the industry’s highest standard of proficiency in interior design principles by successfully passing the NCIDQ Examination.


Active NCIDQ Certificate Holders have the option to be included in the searchable database below.

Best viewed on a computer screen rather than on a mobile phone.


For best search results, enter information in fewer fields (such as searching on last nameonly or certificate number only).  Entering information in all fields may show no results.

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