Spring (April) Exams: January 3 - March 31 | Fall (October) Exams: July 1 - September 30

Steps for Purchasing & Scheduling

1. Pay exam fee(s) through MyNCIDQ Account

2. Schedule exam(s) with Prometric through the dashboard on your MyNCIDQ Account. 

3. Once exam(s) has been scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email with your exam appointment details (exam section, date, time, and location) from Prometric.

Tip: You can confirm your exam appointment details anytime through the dashboard on your MyNCIDQ Account.

Reminder: Candidates should pay the exam fee during the exam payment/scheduling period for which they wish to test. Fees cannot be rolled over to future exam administrations.

Need to reschedule or cancel? Review our policies and exam day rules.

Do You Have a Match? Check BEFORE You Go to Your Exam Appointment!
The first and last name on your exam appointment confirmation MUST MATCH the first and last name on your valid government issued photo ID or you will be denied access to sit for the exam at Prometric Test Centers. Refunds will not be granted for lack of adherence to policy.
​Need to request a name change? Complete and submit CIDQ's Name Change Form at least one business day prior to exam appointment.
CIDQ cannot assist candidates who are turned away from Prometric Test Centers due to inaccuracies, including non-matching names and/or expired IDs.

An applicant's eligibility period (the window of time to schedule, take and pass the examinations) starts automatically with the first exam administration following the application's approval. For example, the FIRST exam administration for applications approved in the winter (November - January) is the spring exam (April), and the FIRST exam administration for applications approved in the summer (May -  July) is the fall exam (October).  

  • ALL THREE SECTIONS:  Must be passed within 10 exam administrations
  • IDFX ONLY:  Must be passed within 4 exam administrations + IDPX & PRACTICUM (2nd stage for IDFX ONLY applicants): Must be passed within 10 exam administrations.


Failed An Exam Section?

Please Note These Important Rules:
It is a requirement that candidates pass all three NCIDQ exam sections within specific, allotted time frames in order to become NCIDQ Certified.
Candidates, who fail to pass an exam section but who still have future exam administrations available within their exam eligibility period, may pay the exam fee again and re-take the failed section during a subsequent exam administration as long as it falls within their exam eligibility period.  An exam cannot be taken more than once in the same exam administration.
Failure to pass all three sections, within the candidate’s eligibility period, will result in the nullification of all scores, passed or failed. Once nullified, candidates who choose to pursue the NCIDQ Certification, will be required to restart the entire application and examination process - meeting the current eligibility requirements in place at the time they reapply.