Studying for the Exams

and Tools to Help Prepare

Don’t over-think the questions or be distracted by the way something is done in a specific office. The purpose of the exam is to protect public health, safety and welfare by demonstrating certified interior designers are qualified and competent in those areas. There are no tricks or hidden agendas.
The NCIDQ Exam tests the application of facts as they relate to public health, safety and welfare. It is practice-based, so the best preparation is well-rounded experience in a diversity of practice areas.
As the author and administrator of the NCIDQ Exam, CIDQ does not teach the exam or offer advice on coursework to take in preparation for it.  However, CIDQ does provide information on study groups, as a service to NCIDQ candidates, when such notices become available to CIDQ staff. Below, you can find a list of interior design association chapters who offer NCIDQ study sessions on a regular basis. CIDQ cannot validate the usefulness of such study groups, nor guarantee the availability of study groups in any specific region or time frame.
In addition, outside companies have developed study tools for the exams. CIDQ does not review or endorse any outside company's exam prep resources and is not responsible for content found in those materials. Outside test prep providers are not involved in any way with developing or scoring this exam.


All NCIDQ Exams in the fall/October 2020 administration will reference the current/spring exam blueprints, below.

All NCIDQ Exams in the spring/April 2021 administration will reference the new/updated exam blueprints, below.


NCIDQ Practicum Exams in the fall 2020 administration will reference the current building codes, below.
NCIDQ Exams in the spring 2021 administration will reference the building codes, below.
This list contains resources used in the creation and development of the NCIDQ Examination. CIDQ would like to thank IDEC for their assistance in updating our reference list, as well as Fairchild Books for their donation of select texts.
Test your readiness and prepare for the NCIDQ multiple-choice Exam Sections, by taking a practice quiz.

The Practicum Small Commercial Quiz ($75) provides 40 questions (same as the case study of the Practicum Exam) and mirrors what a candidate might experience during the exam. Each quiz is a single-use, one time only exam, and can only be completed once per purchase. If the quiz is repurchased, the content will remain the same but the questions may be reordered.
When ready to take the Practicum Small Commercial Quiz, please allocate 90 minutes to this effort, as once started, the quiz must be completed in its entirety.
​Users will receive an immediate score result at the end of each quiz. This score report is a breakdown of the number of questions answered correctly and the number answered incorrectly; specific feedback on each item is not provided at this time.




The IDFX Quizzes ($55 each) and the IDPX Quizzes ($65 each) help candidates prepare for the multiple-choice Fundamentals (IDFX) and Professional (IDPX) Exams. 
Two separate quizzes are available for both the IDFX and the IDPX Exam sections: the 'Original' Quiz 1 and a 'New' Quiz 2.
Candidates who have already taken an NCIDQ Exam Quiz for IDFX or IDPX prior to this new release have taken the IDFX Quiz 1 and/or IDPX Quiz 1.
All quizzes are current, up to date, and are identified as Quiz 1 and Quiz 2 to allow candidates to easily identify which version they have taken. Candidates can easily decide if they want to select the same quiz and be re-quizzed on the same questions, or select a different part to receive a completely different set of questions.
IDFX and IDPX Quizzes each include 50 multiple-choice questions, a sample of the types of questions that will be on the IDFX and IDPX Exams. (The actual IDFX Exam has 125 questions and the actual IDPX Exam has 175 questions.) During the quiz, questions may be marked and returned to later. At the end of the practice quiz, takers receive a report that provides results by the content areas of each section. This breakdown helps indicate strengths and weakness so quiz takers can best prepare for the exam. Each quiz can only be completed once per purchase, but quiz takers have up to 10 days to finish. Please note, each quiz is a single practice unit, and if the same quiz is repurchased, the content will remain the same but the questions will be reordered. Candidates ordering Quiz 1 and Quiz 2 will receive two completely different quizzes.

* Effective November 24th, 2020,  CIDQ will no longer offer Practice Quizzes for sale. As an organization dedicated to measuring the competency of interior design practitioners to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public, CIDQ believes that the development and sale of these materials are tasks best left to others. While CIDQ does not provide endorsements of any of the number of NCIDQ test prep providers, we encourage you to talk to peers and recent test takers about 3rd party preparatory materials such as practice quizzes if you are seeking these resources. CIDQ will continue to provide, at no charge, examples of exam content to demonstrate the format and functionality of the NCIDQ exam.