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Council for Interior Design Qualification (CIDQ) Board of Directors

The CIDQ Board of Directors is the leadership body that sets CIDQ’s strategic direction. With legal accountability and fiduciary responsibility for CIDQ, the Board’s purpose is to establish the goals for the organization and ensure that it has the necessary human and financial resources to achieve them. The Board selects and supports CIDQ’s Chief Executive Officer, who is delegated the authority to lead and manage the organization's affairs on a day-to-day basis.
CIDQ's Board is made up of seven NCIDQ Certified designers and one public member (who is not an interior designer) to serve as the voice of the public. The CEO serves as an ex-officio member of the Board (see staff listing). Nominees for the Board are selected by a nominating committee and elected by CIDQ’s Assembly of Delegates. Board members serve two-year staggered terms beginning each January. The President serves a three-year term, first as President-Elect, then as President, and the third year as Past-President. The Board includes representatives from the group of State and Provincial Regulatory Boards that collectively make up CIDQ’s membership (i.e., Member Boards), as well as other interior designers who reflect the diversity of practice in the field.

If you serve or have served on your jurisdictional Board and have been its representative Delegate or Alternate Delegate, please consider applying for future service to CIDQ. If you have served CIDQ as a committee or task force member or chair, please consider this as a possible next step in your CIDQ volunteer path. Knowledgeable and experienced Board members wanted

Erin Jennings.png


Erin Jennings

NCIDQ Certificate No. 30952

Erin is a Market Leader for Luminaut, with studio locations in Cincinnati and Indianapolis. She leads a creative team focused on educational spaces and places. She attended Ball State University, where she graduated with a double major in both architecture and interior design. After her time at BSU, she traveled to Buffalo, New York for two years to complete her Master of Architecture from The State University of New York at Buffalo. She has since studied abroad in Costa Rica, participating in a sustainable design futures program, with an emphasis on sustainable interiors and inclusive design.

Siavash Madani - updated.jpg


Siavash Madani

NCIDQ Certificate No. 32277

Siavash is an interior designer with over a decade of experience in the field. Over the past 11 years he has practiced interior design progressively in a variety of boutique, medium and large multi-disciplinary firms in Montréal with projects spread across North America. Developing an exceptionally diverse portfolio, Siavash has designed high-end residential projects, commercial, retail and corporate work space projects. He has served as the CIDQ delegate for the province of Quebec, as well as an NCIDQ Ambassador since the inception of the program.

Jason Kasper headshot 4.jpg


Jason Kasper

NCIDQ Certificate No. 17709

Jason is a proud Canadian interior design practitioner and advocate, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and has been in practice for the past 25 years. He has spent his career focused on the belief that you get out what you put into something - and this has driven his passion to volunteer his time to organizations that he believes in. He is currently Principal of IDEATE Design Consulting Inc., a design firm that he began in 2002. Founded on the principle that good design should be accessible to all, IDEATE has continued to honor its mandate around attracting a diverse roster of clients with individual and specialized needs. He is committed to the Education, Examination, and Experience model of professional development and has done all he can to walk it and breathe it, living up to the excellent example set by the mentors that surround him, and working to be the same kind of mentor for those who are coming up all around him.

Carol Erklouts Director_edited.jpg


Carol Erklouts

NCIDQ Certificate No. 32368

Carol is a Project Manager at JLL in Minneapolis. She has a broad range of expertise in commercial design and project management. Over the last ten years, she has designed and managed projects for numerous corporate clients across the globe with an emphasis on providing data-driven results. Carol is also an educator and advocate for emerging design professionals as an adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota College of Design. 

Beth Miller, Director_edited.jpg


Beth Miller

NCIDQ Certificate No. 3244

Beth is a professor and department head of interior design at Mississippi State University. She has been an educator for 25 plus years and has taught more than 800 interior design students. Beth was a member of the board of directors and was president of the Mississippi coalition when legislation was pursued and successfully achieved passage in 2010. Three Mississippi governors have appointed Beth to serve on the Interior Design Advisory Committee under the Mississippi State Board of Architecture. Her legislative experience verifies that the profession of interior design still needs passionate, dedicated, and experienced individuals to lead, guide, and protect the competency of the practice, education, and examination of interior designers.

Charrisse Johnston headshot.jpg


Charrisse Johnston

NCIDQ Certificate No. 23101

Charrisse is a former Wall Street strategic planning exec turned interior designer. After more than a decade leading workplace, higher education, and multifamily projects in LA, she moved to Cape Town, South Africa, where she now designs residences and teaches online for two masters programs in the US and Spain. Charrisse is a Fellow and former Chair of ASID and the present Chair of the IID, the African Institute of Interior Design Professions, as well as a LEED AP and WELL AP. She firmly believes in the ability of interior design to improve human performance and well-being, both physical and mental.

Ashley Kirkland - Headshot_edited.jpg


Ashley Kirkland

NCIDQ Certificate No. 31437

Ashley is a Partner and Managing Principal of Wyn Design Company based in Washington, DC. With nearly two decades of design experience, Ashley brings a strategic and empathetic view to the future of the profession. Ashley is known by her clients as a talented designer and organized project manager. She’s known by her colleagues and peers in the profession as a generous mentor and leader; she sets the bar, documents the standard, and brings the team up to a new level of delivery. Since earning her Bachelor of Science in Interior Architecture from Ohio University, Ashley has worked in a variety of environments designing and managing hospitality, multi-family, and corporate interiors projects. Her experience at large firms, small firms, and in managing her own business have created a holistic perspective on the profession. Her passion for equity, diversity, and inclusion in the profession has made Ashley a great resource for emerging professionals and students seeking licensure. Ashley has served as an NCIDQ Ambassador since 2016 and has served as an NCIDQ Practicum exam writer since 2020, balancing her high standards for the profession with her advocacy to encourage licensure in the interior design industry.

Beth Holst Public Member_edited.jpg


Beth Holst

Beth has worked in key executive management positions in dynamic, high-visibility, resource-constrained environments that included NGOs, professional associations, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), government agencies, hospitals, workforce investment boards, and the private sector. Before launching her consulting firm, Holst and Associates, LLC, Beth focused her efforts on creating scalable strategies and business plans that increase capacity and effectiveness of organizations. Beth was valued for her knowledge and experience pertaining to the creation, marketing, and sustainability of credentials as the Public Member of the NCIDQ Board in 2006-2007.

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