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CIDQ welcomes three new appointments to its 2022 Board of Directors: President Elect Jason Kasper, Directors Gretel Lott and Siavash Madani. CIDQ’s Board of Directors provides governance to direct the organization’s strategic operations and ensure fiscal responsibility.

CIDQ CEO Thom Banks stated, “I am thrilled to welcome these passionate and strategic individuals. Their unique backgrounds and diverse experience will make them a great asset to CIDQ’s board and the organization.”

Jason Kasper is a proud Canadian interior design practitioner and advocate, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, has been in practice for the past 27 years. He is currently a Project Manager with the University of Manitoba in their architectural and engineering department, engaging with stakeholders and working with a large team of diverse practitioners with a common mandate to create meaningful active learning environments across campus. He has owned and operated his own firm for the last 20 years and devoted much time along the way to the education and mentorship of emerging professionals and thought leaders. 

Gretel Lott currently serves as the Chief of Facilities and Logistics Automation at the Department of Defense in Maryland. She has experience in both public and private sectors in interior design, project management, and leadership. As a thought leader and change agent, she has led diverse groups through innovation, training, and change management. She is known for developing strategic leadership goals and has the skills required to align corporate culture to match. In addition to being a Certified Interior Designer in the state of Maryland, she is a LEED AP in Interior Design and Construction. Her experience over the last 17 years has deepened her passion for people and building data centric designs.

Siavash Madani is an interior designer with over a decade of experience in the field. Over the past 11 years he has practiced interior design progressively in a variety of boutique, medium and large multi-disciplinary firms in Montréal with projects spread across North America. Developing an exceptionally diverse portfolio, Siavash has designed high-end residential projects, commercial, retail and corporate work space projects. He has served as the CIDQ delegate for the province of Quebec, as well as an NCIDQ Ambassador since the inception of the program.


Our board is full of dynamic leaders who represent and move forward the mission of CIDQ. Get to know them all.




Scott MacMeekin, President

Jason Kasper, President Elect

Aandra Currie Shearer, Past President


Erin Jennings

Kia Weatherspoon

Gretel Lott

Siavash Madani

Public Member:

David Minacci