Interior Design Degree Students* and New Graduates are eligible to sit for the Fundamentals Exam (IDFX) Prior to Earning Work Experience
Students in the final-year* of a Bachelors or Masters Degree Program and New Graduates are eligible to apply NCIDQ IDFX Only. Immediately upon approval, an IDFX Only applicant's time clock will start, giving them four exam windows to successfully register, take, and pass the IDFX exam.  A passing IDFX Only score will remain valid, allowing the NCIDQ candidate to earn the required work experience before returning to apply for the remaining exam sections. IDFX Only candidates will be required to submit a new IDPX/PRAC application, take and pass the additional sections under a new 10 exam window time frame, in order to earn an NCIDQ Certificate.
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 Request Vouchers for Student Group Application Discounts for the Fundamentals Exam Application (IDFX ONLY)
Educators can request from CIDQ vouchers that they can provide to their Students in the final-year* of a Bachelors or Masters Degree Program that will provide savings on the student's IDFX Only application. Vouchers are customized specifically for each educator and are valid on a limited time basis.
Educators should complete the Voucher Request Form or email
Request a Free NCIDQ Ambassador Classroom Presentation
Have an NCIDQ Ambassador make a no-charge, in-person presentation to your students. NCIDQ Ambassadors are practitioners, educators, or advocates, who are stellar examples and motivational role models of the industry's highly skilled professionals. To easily request and coordinate with a speaker in your area, simply go to Request an NCIDQ Ambassador Presentation and follow the prompts.
The Educators' Path to NCIDQ Certification
Interior Design Educators can take their own specialized path to NCIDQ Certification.