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QConnection Q2 2024 Spring Edition
CEO's Message
Q2 Report from CIDQ CEO

Spring is here (mostly), and with it, another April exam administration. Applications submitted this year exceeded last year’s by nearly 47%, undoubtedly boosted by changes to CIDQ’s work experience requirements, which went into effect on February 1st.  Exam registrations (purchased exams) tracked 10% ahead of last year, at the March 31st deadline.


As I’ve mentioned previously, CIDQ transitioned to a new candidate database last May. We did so, in large measure, to obtain a higher level of sophistication in leveraging our data. The ability to dive deeper and derive greater meaning from our applicant, candidate, and certificate holder data is more critical than ever. I’m very excited to announce that CIDQ has added a brand-new staff position, a Business Intelligence Analyst, to help us better access, analyze, and draw insights enabling CIDQ and its membership to make more informed business decisions.

The Consortium for Interior Design, a CIDQ/ASID/IIDA collaborative dedicated to advocacy for public safety in the built environment through reasonable regulation, is making headway. On March 6th, 2024, Nebraska became the 29th state and 31st U.S. jurisdiction to regulate interior design. We have a goal of universal regulation of interior design, and our certificate holders’ stories are central to that effort.  If you live in an unregulated jurisdiction and are prepared to invest time and effort to gain independent practice rights and legal recognition as a design professional, reach out to Matt Barusch, CIDQ’s Director of Government Affairs and Advocacy at

Lastly, new continuing education requirements went into effect on April 1st. For active NCIDQ Certificate holders licensed, certified, or registered in a regulated state/province, NOTHING CHANGES. As is the case currently, you must meet the Continuing Education requirements of your state/provincial regulatory body.

Certificate holders who are not registered with a state or provincial regulatory board, and/or who live in an unregulated jurisdiction must complete 5 hours of approved Health, Safety, and Welfare-focused Continuing Education annually and attest to this upon renewal to remain active. You can find helpful FAQs about it here.

Thanks for your support of CIDQ and the NCIDQ Exam.



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